Montreal Festivals Security Review

Back in November 2016, the City of Montreal mandated the Council of Montreal to study the issue of women’s safety at festivals in its territory. The City of Montreal was hoping to show that Montreal Festivals are fun and safe for everyone regardless of gender. Everyone who’s been in Montreal knows that the city is famous for its diverse festivals.


The survey came back with disturbing results. It seems that more than half of women attending festivals in Montreal have dealt with sexual harassment or assault. This varies from verbal to physical abuse.

The survey concluded that experience of women at festivals is not the same as that of men. The Council of Montreal hopes that the situation will be taken seriously and that improvements will be made rapidly.

The council recommends that the City of Montreal train their security agents on the reality of women. According to the Council, the Olympic Park who employs private security firms who already have training regarding sexual harassment have better results. In additions, over 80 of their security agents are women.

It was also suggested to create women-only sections. I do not agree with this suggestion. I think that segregation of the sexes is taking a step backwards and not a solution to the problem.

June Festivals:

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