Reasons I was given to stop activism

Reasons I was given to stop activism

“Nobody’s threatening to take your colouring books away.”

Making women sound like their childish and dismissing their right to speak about politics is one of the¬†numerous reasons why we need activism. I don’t know how many time I was told I shouldn’t worry about politics screwing over my rights because of my gender and yet, look at how quickly it spiralled¬†down in the United States since the election of Trump…

“Great…now make me a sandwich!”

Men who are treating women activist as children having a tantrum or as servants by reinforcing their entitlement is one of the reasons we need activism. The fact that you are proud of considering yourself superior to anyone else should make you ashamed.

“There’s no point. It won’t change anything.”

I get this both from men and women. Defeatism is not a reason to let things slide. Cynicism doesn’t build change. Voices do matter.

“He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Although they are given to me as a reason to stop speaking up for the marginalized, these are actually the many reasons why I raise my voice for causes I believe in.

womens-march-2001566_1920Plus, let’s make one thing clear, I will not stop getting involved in causes because it makes you uncomfortable. The fact that my words are bothering you means that I’m hitting a nerve and I’m not talking about nothing.


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