Your Virginity Doesn’t Belong to Dad

Purity Pledges aren’t healthy. Your Virginity Doesn’t Belong to Dad

pizza-929945_1920There is absolutely nothing wrong with remaining a virgin until your wedding day. If you want to wait until marriage, that should be a personal decision that you make when you are mature enough to decide.

Why a ceremony to pledge your virginity to your dad? It seriously creepy that your father is the one in control of your sexuality and not you. I cannot even fathom involving my own father in something like this. Pledging your virginity to your dad sounds like covert incest or emotional incest.

A woman’s body belongs only to herself and her sexuality should be her own personal decision.

Young girls are being thought that their sexuality belongs to their father and then their husband. They do not get to choose for themselves or say no. In other words, they are not full human beings, they are the property of men. The very idea that a man owns his daughter’s sexuality until he gives it away to another man, has very little to do with protecting the girl.

It’s funny how there isn’t ceremony for young boys to pledge their virginity to their mothers…

How about the church and fathers need to stop sexualizing women and girls and mind their own business. How about we let girls be little girls and not obsess over their future sexuality.


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