Men and Women in the Workplace – Who’s more emotional?

Men and Women in the Workplace – Who’s more emotional?

I had two situation last week where computers unexpectedly died and had to be replaced. The differences of how people reacted wasn’t a surprise to me, as I had seen it before, but it made me take a moment to reflect on how society viewed men and women in the workplace and how far from the truth it really is.

workstation-405768_1920Situation 1: The computer had a hardware crash and the operating system was corrupted. The computer being too old and at risk of having more crashes it was decided to order a replacement rush. The way we are setup, the employee just has to sit at another desk for a few days a log in as himself on another system.

Situation 2: New employee starting, the computer that was at the desk had been sitting there unused for a long while and refused to power up, the back up system we have the office is too old and can’t run the programs. So we sent in the system for repairs and ordered another system rush.

Situation 1: The man who has the system is having a fit, being loud and emotional about being put out of place for one or two days. He has been going to everyone making sure they know how badly I’m handling the situation(as if it’s my fault his computer crashed) and how it’s affecting his career (dramatic much?).

technology-785742_1920Situation 2: The women of that department said they would organise themselves to make it work until the new or repaired system came back. Technology breaks, there’s no point making it more painful than it has to be.

My question is why is it that I keep hearing it’s easier to work with men because they are less emotional? As tech support that has never been my experience.


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