Moment of Self-Discovery

Moment of Self-Discovery

How do I feel at the moment?

I’m tired. In physical pain. My thyroid is dying and wrecking havoc inside me as it slowly gives up. If that’s not enough, I just started my period. I have zero energy to give. Yet this is my first week back at work after a medical leave, I am in the middle of moving and I am a parent of pre-teens in the anxiety-filled exam finals period of the year.

girl-1563986_1920What do I need more of in my life?

More time to accomplish everything. More time to rest and heal. Less stress and worries. I think almost everyone can relate to this one.

What would make me happy right now?

Going home. Taking the rest of the week off to concentrate on the move. I’m exhausted.

What is going right in my life?

  • I just got married to the perfect man.
  • I have a wonderful kid who seems to be finding her tribe.
  • We recently purchased our first home and are about to be moving in.
  • I am getting medical help for my chronic illness.

What am I grateful for? 

  1. To be alive. Each day is a gift.
  2. For realizing my dreams (Wedding, Marriage, House, Blog, etc.)
  3. For my family.
  4. For the beautiful weather.
  5. For summer dresses.
  6. For my personal projects. (Moving, Blog, etc.)
  7. For my doctors.
  8. For my job.
  9. For my understanding boss.
  10. For ComicCon

When did I experience joy this week?

  • Every time my child texted me.
  • Every time I hear my child laugh or jump of joy over something.
  • Every moment of laughter shared with my husband before going to bed.

What is bothering me? Why?

I wish I could do more. I wish I was more proactive and productive at work. I wish I felt more valuable. I wish I felt more like my old self before chronic illnesses started to affect me.  I wish I didn’t get exhausted so fast. I wish I had less pain. I wish I could pack more boxes. I wish I could clean the house more. I wish I could help my husband with the renovations. I wish I had more quality time with my child. I wish I could sleep more.

What are my priorities at the moment? 

  • My Child
  • The Move
  • Work Reintegration
  • My Health

What do I love about myself?

My ability to keep going even if all I feel like doing is throw in the towel.


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