She’s heavier than her boyfriend, so what?

She’s heavier than her boyfriend, so what?

I’ve seen a couple of articles lately that seem to shock people because the women in the couple are heavier than her male counterpart. In every article that I saw, the difference in corpulence between the two was visible, but what I saw above all was the couple’s happiness.

couple-2158306_1920I was the heavier one in 2 out of 3 of my most serious relationships. Right now, I’m about equivalent to my husband.  Even when I struggled with anorexia I was still bigger than my boyfriend with type 1 diabetes. In relationships, size doesn’t matter, happiness does.

It seems that many have this idea that in a heterosexual relationship, the woman needs to be tinier than her male counterpart. If you weigh heavier than your boyfriend, you are simply too big.

This problem doesn’t only affect women, it concerns everyone to who society imposes unlikely physical characteristics. Men often feel uncomfortable with their shape if they do not have an athletic build. We are all made to feel that our bodies aren’t deserving of love.

Each of us deserves to be loved, whether our body is thin, strong, bigger, smaller than your partner’s. Whether you think you deserve it or not.


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