Wonderful father

happy-fathers-day-1275333_1920I want tell my father thank you for being a wonderful father. For showing me LEGOs and the world science fiction, video games and for driving lessons (both tractors and cars).  Thank you for driving me at all the activities and classes I took while growing up and the secret stops to get ice cream on the way back from these trips. You had a great influence on the woman I became and the woman I continue to be.

To my husband, you are the glue that holds this family together. You are an amazing father and step-father.

For all amazing fathers out there, it is time to get rid of outdated gender stereotypes about parenting. Beliefs about gendered parenting hurt good fathers.

Fathers pass quality time with their children, comfort their kids, potty train little ones and develop strong bond with their children.

father-1808749_1920Stereotypes are hurting good fathers. Society still  treats fathers like second class parent, even in schools and at the doctor’s office. Gender stereotyping affects both genders.  There is nothing that angers me more than when people call the child’s father a babysitter. A dad is not a babysitter, he’s a parent. They are as much a parent as the mother and have the same responsibility. Men are grown adult who can handle the same responsibilities as a woman. We shouldn’t be surprise every time we see an example of a good father, but instead expect it from all dads. I’m really against this stereotype of dad’s not being trusted to be left with the kids, even in a jokey way.

This sexist attitude that it is the mother’s role to take care of children while fathers leave the home to support the people he leaves behind hurts both women and men.

To all men who have been standing up for their daughters in every aspect of her life. Thank you!


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