Equal Responsibility

What is so complicated about the idea of equal responsibility? I might not have a degree in biology, but I do understand that it usually takes 2 to make a baby. Yet the if a teenager gets pregnant it’s the girl who gets kicked out of school and gets the shame. Yet if a woman gets pregnant after a one-night stand, she’s the only one who is told she should have been more careful. Why are women always the only ones held accountable?

Sometimes I read or hear stories and ask myself “Isn’t amazing how women manage to get pregnant all by themselves?”

couple-1845620_1920 A man can have as much sex as he wants and that’s never an issue that gets considered, only women are asked to be more personally responsible.

The myth that males are biologically programmed to be promiscuous males and females are programmed to be coy was completely fabricated. There are men who have higher sex drives and others who don’t have any interest in sex at all. There are women who have higher sex drives and others who don’t have any interest at all.

If we look closely at the facts, you will quickly see that the female body was built for sexual pleasure with the ability for multiple orgasms. Yet the male body can only have one orgasm. So explain to me again why we assume it’s the men who were built for sex?

We need to stop excusing male and controlling female behaviour. In addition, shaming anyone into being responsible makes little sense and it is hardly effective. Knowledge, support and access to contraception are the key.  Blocking access to contraception and sexual education causes sexually transmitted illnesses and unwanted pregnancy to rise. This has been proven over and over again. That is the core issue.



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