Sorry kid, Mom & Dad don’t have all the answers

You should never be afraid to admit that you don’t know something. It’s impossible to know everything. It’s perfectly okay to admit when something is out of the scope of your expertise. There is no shame in not knowing.

adoption-177427_1920There is so much knowledge at our fingertips, it is impossible and unnecessary to know and retain it all.

As parents we often believe that it’s our job to know everything.  Even children are drilled that by books and medias that their parents should have the answers to all of their questions. My own child asked me once why I didn’t know everything since I’m a mother. It was her childlike belief that once you become a parent, you magically had the answers to everything.

I explained that there is an expectation that parents should know everything or make it look like they do, even if it’s false. I explained that I didn’t agree with this. I wanted to show my kids that even as adults we still have a lot to learn and should always be willing to do so. I prefer showing my children that I do not have the answer to all of their questions, but that it is possible and easy to get the answer they are looking for with a little bit of research.


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