Ethical Hunters

I am perfectly okay with hunting to feed one’s family. I was thought how to hunt, how to respect animal life, how to give thanks for the meat, how to prepare it, how to use every piece of an animal so that there is no waste. Ethical hunters are aware and careful about wildlife conservation.

black-bear-1972228_1920I do have a problem with trophy hunting. Hunting for recreation and not food has been around centuries. I personally do not think Hunting shouldn’t be a hobby. No one should feel proud when taking a life. I find it incredibly disrespectful to place the head of a deer on a wall as a trophy or memorial.

Trophy hunting occurs widely within Canada. Every year, hundreds of different species all over the world are slain by trophy hunters. In Canada, hunting tour companies offer clients the opportunity to kill everything from deer and black bears to moose and polar bears.

When hunting an animal for pleasure with a guide that makes certain that every client ends up with a least one kill, it isn’t even sport or skills.

Every year trophy hunting kills between 300 and 400 grizzlies. Black bear populations are shrinking, yet the government of British Columbia continues to allow this animal to be hunted and killed for sport. These bears are being pushed to the brink of extinction.

polar-bear-404314_1920Polar Bears are classified as a threatened species due to global warming, yet they are still being hunted for sport. Canada is the only country that still allows Polar Bear hunting by non-natives and non-citizens.

All animals are an integral part of the ecosystems where they live.

The case against trophy hunting is strong and the movement is growing. Here is how you can help:


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