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Many of us were hoping that Justin Trudeau would bring more positive change to the environment, but unfortunately, that is not happening so far.

oil-310841_1280The government continues to give $3.3 billion annually to gifts to oil and gas companies, even though industry data shows that market demand for the dirtiest of fossil fuels is plummeting worldwide. The numbers reflect nations shunning coal, oil and gas in favour of cheaper, cleaner, ways of producing energy.

Despite massive opposition from the public, the Canadian government authorised the construction of 3 major pipelines (Trans Mountain, Enbridge and Keystone XL) and an enormous natural gas export project. They approved them, even if these projects are inconsistent with Canada’s commitment at the Paris Climate Conference (COP21). 

No change was made to the insufficient target of reducing greenhouse gases. Just recently, The Prime Minister of Canada broke his promise to regulate methane emissions to align the policy with that of Donald Trump.

The government continues to ignore the rights of the First Nations to a healthy environment.

Coal, gas and oil must now be left in the ground.

  • Mega-fire that devastated the boreal forest in the Fort McMurray area in 2016.
  • Alberta has lost almost all of its crops due to drought in 2016.
  • Route 132 in the Gaspé Peninsula was washed away by the waves.
  • Highway 25, north of Montreal, collapsed due to torrential rains, frost and thaw.
  • Megafloods in Quebec and Ontario spring 2017.

light-bulb-1776372_1920Renewable energy made big gains, growing 14% in 2016. China, who has been investing hundreds of billions in green energy programs, overtook the United States as the world’s largest producer of renewable energy.

Canada must:

  • Stop subsidising fossil fuels.
  • Sufficiently tax carbon and use the entire proceeds of this tax to establish the necessary infrastructure to get rid of our dependence on oil and other hydrocarbons.

According to researchers, Canada could be 100% supplied with renewable energy within 10 years if we start now.

We must unite to block the road to drills and pipelines and demand respect for our children’s right to a viable future. We need to join campaigns against hydrocarbon projects and prone energy transition, for the protection of our vital resources.


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