Our First Home – Moving Day

Looking back, today was a good day. No, today was a great day. Today was a day we started a new chapter in our lives.

It didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked. Nothing ever does. The movers showed up late, drank on the job, broke furniture and refused to go back for the second load. We ended up having to rent a truck last minute and finding help where we could to bring the rest over.

In the end, today, we moved into our new house and started unpacking our boxes. Today was page one in making our new “house” our new “home”. With my chronic illness and my husband’s football injuries, it may take a while to finish installing ourselves, but it doesn’t matter. We are now living in a home we own, everyone has a bed to sleep in and the pool is open. The basics are done. 😛


As of today, we are no longer living in someone else’s building. We put a lot of work into preparing this house for the arrival of our stuff and our family.

Today was a day filled with new memories and we are here celebrating a future full of new memories to come.

So today we raise our glasses, to all of you near and far who have helped us on our journey. It wasn’t the easiest journey, but let’s be honest, nothing worth having is ever easy!

I want to give special thanks to my brand new husband who put a lot of hard work, sweat and blood into the house in the last few weeks.

I want to give special thanks to my father-in-law who helped us with the renovations and make sure the house was safe for our family.

I also want to give special thanks to my own parents who helped me with packing boxes, undo furniture and clean the apartment. Who were there for the kids last day of school while we were busy with movers and technicians alike.

May the good times begin!

Cheers everyone!!!!! Xxxxxx


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