Vacation Days With Chronic Illness

Planning or taking vacation days when you have a chronic illness isn’t easy. Having a maximum of 5 sick days in a year is ridiculous when you think about it. As someone with health issues, I’m lucky if I have any left by spring time. My employers are aware of the situation, but everyone has to follow the rules. Therefore a lot of my vacation days will be used as sick days.

This year is even more complicated because I know I have to take a week off for radiation treatment this year and I’m seriously worried about how my health will be after it’s done. I therefore worry about taking vacation days for the sake of taking vacation days. I feel I should keep them all aside for when I run out of sick days or I have a medical procedure. Sounds simple right?

mom-863055_1920The problem is that I’m still a mom and my kids needs me to take time off from work and simply enjoy being with them around March Break, during the Summer Vacation, around Christmas.

Not to mention that most human beings who aren’t married to their work need vacation time.

Taking a vacation day because of illness is not relaxing, it’s survival. You go to work the next day, feeling better than the day before, but not rested. It wasn’t vacation time.

I feel guilty if I use them and I feel guilty if I don’t use them. I try to balance it by asking for strategic vacation days so my kids feel prioritised and loved and I don’t overly use my days, so that I have backup days for when I have a flare ups or I need to take time off for hospital stays.

Trying to keep everyone happy and your life balanced when you have no idea what the future will bring is very difficult.

How do you use your vacation days ?


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