Everyone makes mistakes

In a culture that pressures people to be perfect, it can be difficult to own up to a mistake.  The truth of the matter is that everyone makes mistakes.

drawing-1166119_1920Sometimes mistakes can feel earth-shattering. They can feel like they are threatening everything we worked so hard to build.

Please remember that your mistakes do not define you, it is what you do once you realise you’ve made a mistakes that counts. Don’t let your mistakes hold you back or ruin your life, use them as learning experiences and use them as a setting stone in your personal growth.

No matter how knowledgeable or passionate you are, there’s always more to discover and more nuances to understand. Mistakes must be expected and being held accountable has to be expected as well. Acknowledging that we were wrong is never easy and takes great courage. Taking ownership of our thoughts and words is always good and should be applaud, not sneered at. All we should do is learn from our mistake and grow.

Nobody can know everything, so it’s natural to slip up sometimes and say something oppressive, even if you mean well. Making a mistake is normal when you’re trying to unlearn your privilege. That being said, there’s a difference between making a mistake and not putting in any effort whatsoever to check the oppressive attitudes you harbour.

brain-2062051_1920Have you ever had a discussion with someone who refuses to have a logical discussion on a particular subject, choosing to be defensive of their beliefs even when faced with real facts.

Sometimes you can’t change a person’s mind. Sometimes that person may change their mind at a later date when they are ready and on their own term and that’s okay. The fact that someone was slow to acknowledge the truth should not be a reason to laugh at them. We should always encourage self-realisation and growth. We should instead appreciate the fact that that person chose to educate themselves finally. When it comes to self-realisation and growth, it is better late than never.

“The journey between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place.” –  Native American Quote


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