Parents can be hilarious

Parents can be hilarious. I was sitting in the human resources office a few years back when I received a text. I always have my cell phone with me as I used it for work. I looked at my phone, as the human resources manager was busy talking on the phone with someone else. It was my mother using my dad’s cell phone, asking me about the weekend plans. I knew it was her immediately because my dad doesn’t use emojis.

beautiful-15742_1920So replying to her text, I start with “hi mum” and then type my reply to her question. A few minutes passed by, then I get a reply by text: “How do you know it’s me?”

A few minutes passed by, then I get a reply by text: “How do you know it’s me?”

Without thinking or hesitating, I replied sarcastically, “because I can see you through the camera.”

A few minutes pass and I get a phone call. I’m thinking it’s my mum, but it turns out to be my dad.  In a half laugh, half scolding tone, he tells me: “Don’t do that to your mum. She panicked and I’m the one who has to calm her down. She ran to her room to get out of her pyjamas and get dressed. She didn’t want anyone to see her prior to getting ready. Now she’s in there wondering how many people have seen her like this when she texted people in the past.”

I cracked up laughing. This happened a while ago and it still makes me smile.


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