Yes, what happens elsewhere matters

Yes, what happens elsewhere matters.

adult-1807515_1920Opposition to oppression knows no political affiliation and no border limits.

It can be hard to relate to movements outside of our realm of experience, but we shouldn’t have to experience oppression directly in order to identify it and call it out.

We can simply look at other parts of the world, pat ourselves on the back that we got it better and say it couldn’t happen here, because it could. It is incredible how years of fighting for ones rights, changing rules and regulation for better ones, can disappeared as easily as placing our trust in the wrong country leader. Privilege is being able to say “I don’t need to get involved because the problem doesn’t personally affect me.”

“Those who live life for one another learn that love is the bond of perfect unity.” – Fools Crow, Lakota Sioux.

If we do not talk about these issues, we will get nowhere.

women-1994996_1920We can’t turn our backs on the millions of people in the developing world whose progress in life is stymied by poverty, preventable disease, corruption, sexism, and sectarian hatred. They need our activism more than ever.

When looking outside our little world, we realise that issues are isn’t just about the third world and some problems are world wide such as the rise in racism. Canada has seen it rise in racist attacks and threats and so has Australia. The “get out of MY country” mentality is growing everywhere, and the worst part is it comes from Caucasians who aren’t even the native people of that country in the first place! More than ever we need to come together as one people of earth and squash this colonialism ideals.

The divide and conquer rule in politics and war, is the policy of gaining and maintaining control over a population or specific group by encouraging dissent between them.  We need to win the battle of ideas with those who seek a more insular world, and we need to respect their aspirations and fears in the process.

tourists-1187940_1920It discourages me to see how much we regress instead of growing healthy.

It would be a game changer if we all saw ourselves as citizens of the world and members of the human family and recognised that this is true for every other person on the planet

We also have the advantage of social media.

Some international issues that might be of interests:

“I’m craving more soul, I’m craving more socially, just people that are aware of what’s going on the world.” – John Legend


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