Women Taking Lead – Why the rage?

Women Taking Lead – Why the rage? I am a fan of Doctor Who as my father was before me. There has been a lot of talk about having the doctor regenerate as a woman for its 13th regeneration. The fan base has been less than united about this change. It’s one thing to not like the idea, but there is clearly something deeper going on with the ones who are completely enraged by the idea.

heluvin-1012433_1920If played right, the doctor is a woman wouldn’t change anything important about the character. They would still have the same personality and beliefs. They may even continue to have unspoken crushes on the female co-stars. What’s wrong with just casting the actor who most embodies the character?

The same thing happened when they decided to do a Ghostbusters with female leads. People were going as far as saying that their entire¬†childhood was destroyed. That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think? I personally loved the movie and so did my fianc√© and my daughter.

“It would be interesting to take crime genre and replace men’s parts and have women play them, and not even question it. Just let it go.” – Tom Hardy


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