Naturally smooth, hairless creatures

According to society, women are supposed to be naturally smooth, hairless creatures apart from the thick, flowing manes of hair on their heads. In other words, we are all supposed to look like Disney princesses.

the-bath-1807499_1920This belief that women are supposed to be hairless gets ultra-creepy when you factor in how closely society monitors women’s pubic hair in particular. Pubic hair is a signature mark of sexual maturity, sprouting up around our groynes sometime in early adolescence. So asking women to shave it off evokes a prepubescent image, which means that we are telling women they need to look underage to be sexy. Think about that for a minute and tell me it’s normal and healthy.   I would be very suspicious of a man that prefers a woman completely hairless. Is he into children?

“The complete removal of pubic hair is also removing a key marker of adult female sexuality. The result is a prepubescent-like body that is highly sexuality. Thus it is another practice that may contribute to the increasing objectification and signalisation of young girls.” – University psychologists Marika Tiggemann and Suzanna Hodgson

Secondly, it’s also no one else’s business what we do or don’t do in terms of southward grooming.

Let’s be honest, hair removal, at its core, is a form of gendered social control. The micro management of genitalia is the patriarchy in your panties. It’s part of an ongoing obsession with dictating what women do with our bodies, and if you think it doesn’t have consequences, allow me to direct you to the backlash every woman faces if she grows out her body hair.

  • Public Humiliation

The pressure and lies produce feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability, the sense that women’s bodies are problematic the way they naturally are.

angolan-509593_1920These rules cut across race, ethnicity, and region. They are also relatively recent.

The worst part is that if you ask many women why they voluntarily shave or wax, they will probably say that it’s a method of self-enhancement or that they want to, it’s a personal choice, and they just feel better when everything is smooth.

If it was evolution the hair wouldn’t be there to remove. It simply wouldn’t exist.

Hair removal as self-care might be one of the biggest lies women have bought into. It keeps us in an impossible loop, one in which we are constantly in pursuit of velvety limbs and the moral virtue of cleanliness.

girl-1718427_1920Humans have actually covered in around five million hair follicles, tiny organs on our skin’s surface that produce hair. Our hair still plays a very important role in regulating our body temperature. When it’s cold outside, tiny muscles surrounding the hair follicle cause the hairs to stand up, to trap more heat near the body. So those tiny hairs all over our bodies make sense.

Pubic hair keeps dirt and bacteria at bay. It offers protection against even nasty bacterial and viral infections.

Turns out that I am prone to ingrown hairs, and they hurt. I ended up at the hospital and had to have the bump removed. After being scolded by the doctor about the dangers and silliness of shaving down there, I was prepped. Found out on the operating table that local anaesthesia doesn’t work on my body. I almost died.


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