Canada 150 ???

Since the announcement of Canada 150, I have had a really bad taste in the back of my mouth. Montreal is celebrating it’s 375 year this year. The Canadian flag as we know was adopted on February 15, 1965. That’s much less than 150 years ago. Celebrating Canada 150 is celebrating the legacy of colonialism. As a Métis woman, this celebration feels like a slap in the face.

“It’s like, how did Columbus discover America when the Indians were already here? What kind of shit is that, but white people’s shit?” – Miles Davis

totem-pole-438538_1920It’s shocking to know just how ignorant our general public is when it comes to the true history of Indigenous people.

Forcing natives on reserves while they prosper off the lands that were stolen?

Kidnapping children and placing them in residential schools in gods name? Children were literally being torn from their mothers’ hands to be sent to residential schools. My daughter’s great grandmother was one of those children. The damage that it did to the family is still being felt today. Inter-generational trauma keeps getting passed down. Everyone has to know the hows and whys before healing can begin and the healing takes time, it happens little by little getting a little bit better with each generation.

Tried to wipe out the native population with diseases and starvation?

“When your people came to our land, it was not with open arms, but with bibles and guns and disease. You killed us with your guns and disease, then had the arrogance to call us godless savages.”

Yeah okay let’s celebrate..

The worst part is that discrimination and genocide still goes on today. It is shameful and yet, we are asked celebrate.

It is very important to me to have a connection to culture. That connection to culture is directly linked to their sense of identity.


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