Top 10 Blog Articles (June 2017)

Revisiting the top 10 blogs from June 2017:

1st Place: Believe in your dreams

live-your-dream-2045928_1920“When we are young, we are often told that everything is possible with a tiny bit of will in life. As we grow up, we hit several walls along the way and we begin to realise that it is much harder than we first imagined…”

2nd Place:  Moving Day & Chronic Illness

“…Packing a little every day also meant finishing every day in horrible physical pain and tears. I always feel bad because I look like the lazy girlfriend who doesn’t lift a finger. Having an invisible condition can be a constant battle to be believed and understood by the world around you…”

3rd Place: Chronic Illness & Understanding

“I’m not okay. I never am. Only a few people really know me. The strong, confident person you see is all an act. I’m scared every day of what will happen next. What you see is me trying to appear as normal as possible…”

4th Place: Reap the benefits of learning

“We start at a zero skill level for everything in life…”

5th Place: Dance Classes of Kids – Why the Sexy Outfits?

girl-1980559_1920“As a kid, I took ballet jazz classes. I used to love attending class and dancing every week. I loved to practice the choreographed moves at home for the final show. I was really excited about performing on stage and showing what I had learned to my parents. So why did I quit just before the big performance? The costume…” 

6th Place: Wedding Celebrant quits 5 weeks prior to our big day! No worries, we got this.

“The celebrant we had chosen, spoken to, and began our planning with, quit the wedding industry 5 weeks prior to the big day without prior warning effective immediately.”

7th Place: Father’s Day

“I want to tell my father thank you for being a wonderful father. For showing me LEGOs and the world science fiction, video games and for driving lessons (both tractors and cars).  Thank you for driving me to all the activities and classes I took while growing up and the secret stops to get ice cream on the way back from these trips. You had a great influence on the woman I became and the woman I continue to be…”

8th Place: Adoption

adoption-177427_1920“…What most acquaintance and stranger didn’t know, is that they did try to adopt in their own country and opted for going outside of the country when faced the reality of our adoption system. Unfortunately, our adoption system is still archaic and needs a revamping in order to truly help the children they are trying to protect…”

9th Place: Your Virginity Doesn’t Belong to Dad

“Purity Pledges aren’t healthy…”

10th Place: Equal Responsibility

“What is so complicated about the idea of equal responsibility? I might not have a degree in biology, but I do understand that it usually takes 2 to make a baby. Yet the if a teenager gets pregnant it’s the girl who gets kicked out of school and gets shamed. Yet if a woman gets pregnant after a one-night stand, she’s the only one who is told she should have been more careful. Why are women always the only ones held accountable?…”



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