Dreaming of a tiny house?

I love watching television about tiny houses. I especially love the space saving ideas. In another lifetime, I would have loved to live in a tiny house. Unfortunately, I don’t see it as possible with a family of 5 and disabilities.

The tiny house movement is growing but has with anything new not everyone is ready. If you are seriously interested in building a tiny house, make sure you know the laws and by-laws in your area.

A couple who built and are currently living in their dream $45,000 tiny-home, see their hopes killed by City of Vancouver rules. They received an eviction noticed for by-law violence which does not allow tiny homes parked on private property or anywhere without a special permit or approval from the city.

There are a growing number of tiny home advocates across Canada that are challenging zoning bylaws and building codes to make tiny house living possible. There is such movement underway to change bylaws and zoning in municipalities across the province of Manitoba to make tiny houses legal to live in. Lack of tiny home legislation also prompts big fights in Calgary.

Some useful resources:


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