Body Mass Index is a Poor Indicator of Health

Body Mass Index is a Poor Indicator of Health.

As recently confirmed by one of my doctors, fat isn’t the synonym for unhealthy. When it comes to defining what body weight is considered healthy, one type of measurement does not fit all. There are too many factors that will determine health: genetics, race, gender, environment, etc. The Body Mass Index is simply not a very accurate measure.

For one person, weight can cause health issues and in another, it will not. Ever heard the expression: “Here’s another one who will die healthy.”? Being thin or fit doesn’t mean you won’t have heart disease or cancer.

Research has shown that obesity can be a major risk for diabetes type 2, heart disease and death, yet, research has also shown that being overweight can improve survival of heart failure, kidney failure and other chronic diseases.

Having a great metabolism and being able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight is usually a sign that you have health issues and should have your doctor do a complete check up.

There are lots of reasons why someone gains weight, it’s not always all about food choices.

running-498257_1920Telling someone to exercise can be dangerous. I was a full year under strict instruction not to exercise at all due to heart and muscle issues that would have killed me if I tried to exercise like a healthy person. You cannot know what is good for someone simply by looking at them. There is no one “size” fit all when it comes to health.

Any stranger who will pass comments or judgement on someone because of their weight is being an asshole. Do not tell me you are doing it over “concern” for their health. Are you mean to thin people eating junk? First of all, the health of a stranger is none of your concern. I’m pretty sure that if we were to look at your lifestyle we would find unhealthy habits there.

As a person who has experience both extreme in health. I can tell you that I was at my unhealthiest at a time where most people were giving me compliments on my weight. I wasn’t eating, but people didn’t care because I looked good according to society standard. I am now overweight (not obese yet), but I also don’t have a functioning thyroid anymore and still not on replacement medication. So you could say that I’m fat and unhealthy. The problem is the being fat wasn’t the cause of the unhealthy. It was genetics and race that got me. Fat is the temporary effect of the illness, which will go away once I am on the proper medication.


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