Idiots Among Us – Why Education Matters

Idiots Among Us – Why Education Matters

This is a gathering of online comments that I simply couldn’t ignore. I just had to placed them all together in one blog to show that the lack of understanding and education is a real problem.  These individuals are proving how much education matters and how much we are failing our children who grow up to be idiot adults.

“When the woman decides???? I thought God made the decision to let you get pregnant…..” – White Male, United States. Married with one child.

Biology 101. You may want to take it again.

“If a woman has power over her body then i have the power to refuse to be vaccinated.” – Male

First of all, you already have the right not to get vaccinated, women having rights over their own body doesn’t take away the rights you , as a man, already have over your own body.

nurse-527622_1920Secondly, individuals who choose not to get vaccinated are endangering everyone around them. Vaccines are safe. No, vaccines don’t cause Autism. Get educated.

Before vaccines, millions of children died horrific deaths each year from infectious diseases like whooping cough, polio, and measles. In the United States and Canada, more and more parents are refusing to have their children vaccinated because they believe a debunked theory that vaccines cause autism.

Unfortunately, there are insecure, uninformed jackasses like you who will just keep waving the flag long after the ship has sailed.

“Sounds like a perfect world for a women but where is the husband or potential father in this situation and why should I as a tax payer pay for birth control until she decides that “She” wants to have a baby. My belief is, this “decision ” to have a child is between the husband and wife and then they can purchase their own BC up to that point.” – Male, United States

First of all, medical care is supposed to serve the general population, not just me, myself and I. The strange thing about these complaints is that I never hear them about products or services that are for men only. If we apply your self-centred logic: Why should we pay for the little blue pill?

Secondly, birth control helps both men and women plan their family. Deciding when to have children and how many, helps families live better lives and lets parents properly support the children that they do have.

“In the long-term, I think hormonal contraceptives can influence mothers and their fetuses and bias the societies towards becoming “more LGBT”.” – Male

It takes a deep disconnect from reality to spew such nonsense. Where is your scientific evidence? Homosexuality has been around for thousands of years, long before the invention of contraceptives! Abysmal ignorance knows no limits.

“Great more village idiots w vaginas on their heads acting like ass-holes. Classy ladies lol classy (yes most of America thinks your a joke)” – Male, United States

First of all vagina hats aren’t actual vaginas or even in the shape of actual vaginas. They are simply pink hats with cat ears. Your uninformed comment sounds more like an insecure little man whining about “vaginas” (did you giggle when you wrote that? Now give the computer back to mom). 

Secondly, since when is protesting for one’s rights “acting like ass-holes”. I guess, it’s because this particular subject doesn’t directly affect you, it becomes annoying and unnecessary. I’m pretty sure that if the government were to suddenly start regulating your penis, you would be protesting too. 

I’m sure you’d care if you were raped and then called a whore when you tried to abort the little hell-spawn you got knocked up with, you’d suddenly see things differently.

Women do not want go back to asking your husband for money, or/and not having the right to vote, or/and getting beaten and shot at and being told so what you are property so it doesn’t matter. Women do not want to be told you need to wear a dress and heels because a man should be able to look at you like an object because that is your only purpose. Oh and if he is screwing the secretary you just suck that one up too.

“The Wage Gap was created by women who decided to graduate in art, history, gender studies, African American studies, and Liberal Arts instead of skill based jobs.” – Male, European

Wow. This comment is both wrong, dismissing and shows your absolute lack of respect for an entire gender. Please explain how my cousin and his wife, both graduated from the same university, both have computer programming degrees, both started to work at the same company at the same time, both worked on the same projects and upon getting married and discovering each other’s paycheck, they realise that she was getting paid half of his salary?

“Another snowflake March… these women need to get a life.” – Male, United State, High-school Student

Do you know where the term “snowflake” comes from?

“Snowball” was also used as a term for a black person, Green said, as far back as the 1780s; Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms from 1848 defines snowball as “a jeering appellation for a negro.”

It’s one of the favourite insults of the Alt-right. When you hear someone using words like ‘buttercup’, ‘snowflake’, ‘libtard’, ‘cupcake’, ‘SJW’, ‘cuck’, ‘beta’, etc., you can be sure they’re an Alt-rightist. They are not capable of original thought and so rely on a glossary of stock phrases and insults.

“It would almost be worth it to have Shariah law implemented to shut these stupid marches and protests down. They really would have something to march against then, but, under Shariah Law, they would be beaten or killed. This mindset is so interesting and so stupid at the same time. I am going to go and pay my power bill and go to the grocery store, you know, normal stuff. I just really hope no protesters get in my way, it really is too cold to have to go to the car wash today.” – White Male, United States, Married

Incredible. Shariah Law is a religious law that is extremely controversial. It’s rulings assign actions to one of 5 categories: mandatory, recommended, permitted, abhorred, and prohibited. The application of this “law” changes by country. Most use it for personal law (marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child support, family law, inheritance, etc.) This includes corporeal punishments, such as stoning and beheading. This is what some white christian males are wishing for in the United States.

They are literally stating that women fighting for their rights in a peaceful manner should be illegal and punishable by death. They are seeking to silence women’s voice and political rights at any cost.

Show people this article the next time you are told that there isn’t a war against women brewing.

“Equal marriage makes me sick, it’s not natural, it’s the thin end of the wedge, why can’t they just be gay behind closed doors, what’s to stop people marrying their family/animals, we’re being controlled by a gay mafia’. Will that do for starters?” – White Woman, Married

“Unnatural” is a religious argument. In truth, homosexuality has been present from the beginning of the human race. Sexual orientation is something that happens naturally, you are simply born with a preference over another. Marriage between two consenting adults so it’s not unnatural; especially since it’s found in nature.

bride-and-groom-1825873_1920The idea that legalising same sex-marriage is a “slippery slope”  to allowing people to insest and bestiality is a religious argument and a ridiculous one to boot. Slippery slope imply that there’s nothing wrong with this step but you worry about the “next” step, which a rational argument should never be predicated upon. The same argument could be made about heterosexual marriage. Technically, If there your “slippery slope” really exists, then marriage between men and women started it.

Finally, the lack of “consent” stops bestiality as it does paedophilia and insest. If your partner cannot consent it’s rape.

It literally shocks me that there are so many ignorant people out there. Do they actually believe the crap they say?

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein


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