Creepy Father-Daughter Trends

Creepy Father-Daughter Trends

Daddy-Daughter Dates

First of all, fathers’ don’t need dates to have quality time with their daughters. Fathers, like mothers, can help with homework, teach children how to ride a bike, play sports, etc. Fathers’ role includes advocating for our daughters at all stages of their lives. Fathers’ role is to raise strong daughters.

Secondly, the idea behind daddy-daughter dates to teach girls what a date should look like when they are older is creepy, and they seek to enforce patriarchal notions of femininity.

Honestly, I think it’s inappropriate to encourage things like, “do you wanna marry.daddy when you grow up?”

Purity Balls

These are celebrations in which girls dress up in ball gowns, dance, and have dinner with their fathers, and then (there are a few variations) either receive a ring from him when they promise to remain “pure” until marriage, or the daughters give a crystal ball to their dad that represent their virginity. The idea is that they will not give away their virginity until their father agrees it’s the right time and with the right person.


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