Racism is a bunch of fabricated lies

Racism is a bunch of fabricated lies and fears used as justification.

indian-50611_1920In Canada, the First Nation People still deal with racism to this day. These racist beliefs stem from Canada’s colonial history. Lies were spread about the people who already lived on the continent as justification for “civilising” them. These lies have given rise to structural racism that is found in many social, economic and political institutions of today’s society.

History is always written by he who is in charge, which are usually white and wealthy. If History was accurately written by truly non-partisan and non-biased people, we would not be the civilization we are today. We would be in a much better place.

texas-1656861_1920In Texas, hunters accidentally shot each other near the Mexico border and attempted to blame undocumented Mexican immigrants.

The false claim was then used by a Texas Agriculture Commissioner¬†has “proof” that violent criminals and members of drug cartels are coming in as undocumented Mexican immigrants. This is a racist lie, over a racist lie.

People laugh about this stuff, but it does real damage. People spread the story about fake migrants, but the correction often doesn’t get disseminated around the same way.

Hatred is learned. Talk to your children, answer their questions, eliminate the existing fear of the unknown.


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