I raise a cup of tea to all my friends, near and far. Friends by laughter, experience, blood, or shared interests.

Even as an introvert having at least one good friend is an important part of life.

Some of my oldest friends have been an important part of my life over decades. I can trace 2 of my closest friends back to high school.

My best friend and I met in class. We started speaking when she noticed a picture of Star Trek: The Next Generation in my school agenda. We were attending a French high school so it was only a very small minority who would know enough English to watch an English channel and an even smaller minority that would be geeky enough to plaster their agenda with Star Trek pictures.

I became friends with another friend because I stood up to the teacher when she picked on a student I didn’t know who was crying in class. After winning the battle with the teacher, I turned around my chair and we spoke in hush tone about what was making her so sad until the class was over. We are still very good friends to this day.

I am still in contact with my best friend from elementary school through Facebook, but some friendships do change and shift. I moved away due to my dad’s job when we were still in elementary school and our paths have been quite different.



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