Learning to Shut Up

Learning to Shut Up. In this day and age, is it possible to abstain from commenting?

Making the decision to keep quiet when you realize that you have nothing to constructive to contribute should not need the use of words, that’s technically the contrary of staying quiet.


I was reading an article and the commentary at the end when I came across a post that¬†should never have been one. It said:¬†“I have promised myself to take some time away from giving my opinion about this. I am on a break. Talk amongst yourselves.”

Thank you for giving us permission to have a discussion without you, a complete stranger, whose lack of presence wouldn’t have been missed.

Where does the need to publicly declare that you are choosing not to participate in the conversation? Does it matter if people know that you won’t comment on the subject? Where does the push to take up space comes from?


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