Why are white mass shooters seen differently?

Whenever there is a mass shooting anywhere in the world, I anxiously await, with fingers crossed, that the perpetrator is not a minority, or a Muslim, or an immigrant of some kind who did the shooting. Why? Because I know, like you know, that when anybody from any of those groups is responsible for a mass shooting, the blowback for the entire race, religious group or immigrants, in general, is fierce. The actions of one person are used to further the hatred and bad blood against an entire group. For example, when a Muslim shoots someone or is responsible for an attack, all of Islam is blamed.

When a white man or a Christian commits mass murder, on the other hand, all white people aren’t blamed for the crime. They shouldn’t be, don’t get me wrong, but the reason why they aren’t all blamed while any other groups would be stems from racism.

For example, the media’s defended Dylan Roof, a white man, for killing 9 people and tried so hard to make it seem like he was crazy. “He’s a good guy who lost his mind.” The only conversation that will be had is what mental illness the white man had that justified this shooting. He won’t be called a terrorist. He will be labelled as an extremist that went off the rails.

Yes, this is a terrible and despicable act of violence no matter who is responsible for it, but the different response to the tragic event depending on skin colour, religious affiliation or immigration status is so hypocritical.  Let’s hold individuals accountable for their choices/actions regardless of skin colour, religion or immigration/citizenship status.



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