Facebook funny and get to know you Games – What you should know

Facebook funny and get to know you Games – What you should know. If you are on Facebook, you have probably already seen these type of games.

Hahaha! Fun!
Everyone has five names. Come on, this is funny(ish)!

•Your actual name: Sarah Jane Smith
•Your Soap Opera name (middle name and street you live on): JaneChristopher
•Your Star Trek name (first 3 letters of your last name, first two letters of middle, first two of first name): SmiJaSa
•Your Super Hero name (color of your shirt and item to the right of you): RoseTardis
•Your Goth name (black and name of one of your pets): Black K9
•Your Rapper name (Li’l + the last thing you ate): Li’l Fish Stick & Custard
NOW copy and paste and repost to share what yours is.

As a person with a wee bit of computer knowledge and this information you just freely made public I know that hackers can probably guess your passwords and get into your emails, computer, etc. Which is why I you will never see such a game on my wall.

computer-1185567_1280They also help cracking security questions. When you click the “forgot password” link within a web-mail service or other sites, you’re asked to answer a series of questions. the answers can over be found on your social media profile or on your wall, when you publish the answers to little games like this one.

You also open yourself up to identity theft.

A couple of tips that will make your password not so easily guessable.

  1. Don’t use names (not yours, not your spouse, kids, parents, friend, pets, etc.)
  2. Don’t use middle names (not even your parent’s middle names)
  3. Don’t use your favourites (colour, food, books, etc.)
  4. Do not use the word Password, the number combination 1234, etc.

Don’t make it too easy for individuals with bad intentions.


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