Suffering from Directional Confusion?

Suffering from Directional Confusion? In elementary school, children learn about cardinal points (North, South, East, West). The teacher placed signs on the four walls of the classroom to help us understand which side was north, south, east and west. The students’ desks were all facing north. It took a while before I realised that north was not always where you faced!

I’ve always struggled with my cardinal points and my left and right.┬áIn adulthood, I learned that Dyslexia was behind my directional confusion.


When I was younger I used to know that the hand I wrote with was the right hand so I would move my hand as if I was air writing and I would know which side was right. In high school, I dislocated my shoulder and hurt muscle and ligaments so I couldn’t use my right arm for a while. I learned how to write with my left hand… My trick no longer works as I am to this day still ambidextrous.

It is because of the left/right confusion, that a dyslexic will confuse the letters b and d. One letter points to the left while the other points to the right.


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