White male supremacist

I read a lot of blogs, articles, newspapers, books, etc. I see a lot of white male supremacist who are obviously angered by the idea of female equality and lash out as often as they can, both online and through real world violence. We have this idea through the media that this is an issue that is mostly a United States problem and Canada is a much safer society with good social justice. Unfortunately, if we look closely, there is a lot of white male anger in Canada also and they are getting louder with their white male supremacist ideals.

I’ve isolated an example of an individual who posts on international sites to open the worlds eyes to the “truth” when it comes to “Canadian Women.”

White Canadian man single man from Ontario whose Facebook friends list mostly consist of underage girls of different nationalities and white males 40+ states that 95% of Canadian women wouldn’t survive an economical collapse cause by welcoming refugees, since they are all superficial and materialistic. Apparently 95% of Canadian women pass their days posting “live, love, laugh” memes and quotes and none of us know the meaning of working hard and being independent. Without men, we would be unemployed and homeless. On top of that, he adds that Canadian women are heartless and cruel. He finishes his rant stating that he’s never heard of a woman being able to handle poverty.

This hateful comment needs to meet actual facts:

Canadian women are educated

  • graduation-2038864_1920Canadian women are more likely than men to have college or university qualifications, less likely to have a trades certificate as their highest credential.
    • 1/3 of adult women in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta have a university certificate or degree.
    • Women account for the majority of recent post-secondary graduates in all provinces and territories.
  • The number of new female apprenticeship registrations are growing.
  • Women and men display similar proficiency in problem solving.

healthy-1804955_1920Canadian women are hard working and financially independent

  • 1/4 of women with a doctorate work as university professors.
  • Among women with a college diploma, the most common field of study was business, management, marketing and education.
  • 1/2 of young women engineering graduates are working in natural and applied sciences.
  • 2/3 of general practitioners and family physicians are women
  • Employment income among women is more comparable with men’s at the university level.

So the belief that the majority of women are dependent on men for their financial well-being is completely ridiculous. The idea that they are fickle and not deep thinkers, is also wrong, as they are very educated and major part of the workplace.

Maybe the reason some men find Canadian women to heartless and cruel is that they don’t take kindly to insults and discrimination.

“We fought long and hard for the right to vote, for the right to participate in universities and the work force, and the right to make our own choices. We don’t need old white guys telling us what to do.” – Rona Ambrose, former interim leader of the Conservative party.


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