Climate of hatred

Hate crimes are on the rise in Canada.

As much as we hate to admit it. There has always been a history of racism in our country. I do believe that most Canadian strive to better ourselves and be all inclusive.

car-repair-362150_1920There are moments when I’ve been disgusted by my fellow Canadians. Most prefer to think we’re above racism, but Canada is just as racist as the plebs south of the border. I’d hate to think that our national stance is rampant racism. We are the second largest land mass in the world, and lets face it, unless you are First Nation, you are descendent of immigrants. There is no reason what so ever that we should decline asylum seekers unless the specific individual is a known criminal. Immigrants are given what is in essence welfare and slightly more money to make appointments, get clothing and settle, after which they become an economic boon.

It’s disheartening to see the rise in racism, sexism and intolerance in general that has been happening in the country. It seems that people aren’t afraid to be racist anymore, they wear their ignorance like a badge of honour.

bazaar-1853361_1920It discourages me to see how much we regress instead of growing healthy. It is high time to take tough measures against those who make hate crime treats. We must put an end to this climate of hatred before it is too late.

Threats need to be taken seriously, even if the perpetrator(s) hide under the guise of “It was just a joke.” All means are good for sowing chaos, disorder and discord. We cannot stand by shaking our heads and moving on while the climate of hatred feeds and gets embolden.


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