Memories of Pompeii

hp photosmart 720Visiting the Pompeii ruins was one of the most emotional experience I had while travelling abroad.

To walk the streets of Pompeii, to see how the lava merged with the stone walls of the city after the devastating eruption of Vesuvius, to see the wall frescos that survived the tragic event is quite a humbling moment. The scale of the tragedy was appalling. Nature isn’t a force to reckon with.

Walking through the narrow lanes, the workshops and utility rooms you can see how the streets used to fill with life. These reminders of the past are so vivid and tangible, it’s incredibly informative and fascinating, yet you cannot help but morn of all the individuals who died within its walls.

When I saw the imprints of the bodies in lava, I was overtaken by sadness and grief. It was quite an overwhelming moment.


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