Graves’ Disease & Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common symptom of Graves’ disease because hair growth depends on a healthy balance of hormones. This means that you will probably be losing hair no matter if you are in hyper or hypo thyroid mode.

model-2325746_1920The hair naturally goes through a resting phase and a growing phase. With thyroid Graves Disease, the unbalanced hormones push the hair into that resting phase so that a person will lose hair faster than grow hair.

After the thyroid is treated, it will take time for the hormones to transition back to a healthy balanced state. When I got radiation treatment, I was under the impression that the hair loss would slow down has my thyroid died. This was highly inaccurate, if anything, it got worst has my body lacked hormones instead of having too much of them.

Some opt to cut their hair really short into a funky hairdo. It makes them feel better to have a stylish cut. The shortness also stops any drag on the hair and it’s slower to fall out.

I still wear my hair long. I’m hoping that once I’m on hormone replacement, the hair loss will stabilise.



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