So you love women?

Men have been enjoying women’s bodies and company since the dawn of time and that never stopped most men from denying us basic rights, body autonomy or humanity.

When you say you love women are you being honest? Do you truly love women? Here are some ways to determine if you are truly being honest with yourself:

  1. pregnancy-775041_1920You can’t say you love your women, but also believe she should be forced to carry your child even if she doesn’t want to.
  2. If you are quiet when your male friends make rape jokes and are misogynistic, then say that you love women. You didn’t help us.

There are no friendly disagreements about one’s rights, autonomy, value, and equality.

“Everyone wants a strong woman until she actually stands up, flexes her muscles, projects her voice… Suddenly, she is too much. She has forgotten her place. You love those women as ideas, fantasies … Not as breathing, living humans threatening to be even better than you could ever be.” – Aria Eastman.


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