My husband is my partner, not my owner

My husband is my partner, not my owner. I lived with my husband for 2 years before we got married. It was a beautiful day surrounded by family and friends.

marriage-2239035_1920Since we have technically been living together and raising our children, I didn’t think people’s attitude would change, but they did.

My friends started asking “if my amazing hubby would let me go out or do an activity with them”.

They were probably thinking they were being cute, but this kind of statement really stem from sexist behaviour. Before you jump, I know that men get the same kind of questions. “Will the misses let you leave the house?” It still stems from the same old sexism.

Marriage is a partnership, not ownership.

Yes, we are parents so we have to plan before agreeing to an outing. Yes, we do check in and tell each other what we are planning. The same way we expect our kids to tell us where they are and who they are going out with. It’s simple courtesy to let people you live with know where you are at.

  • They won’t worry that you’ve gone missing or that something terrible has happened to you.
  • They know where to reach you in a case of emergency.
  • If you are planning to be out, maybe they can plan something special too.

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