Life is a series of moments

Life is a series of moments, a series of transitions. It can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster especially when these changes are all happening at once or in a small amount of time.

April 2017 – Renters to Homeowners 

moveBuying our first home was a monumental step, one that is still feeling a bit unreal. Sitting at the table with the lawyer signing contracts I felt like a 5-year-old wondering why the grown ups were letting me sit at the table and sign papers with important words on them. We finally moved in at the end of June and we are still

We finally moved in at the end of June and a month later, we are still not done the fixing, renovating and unpacking every room. Trying to keep the house clean through all of this has been quite a challenge.

May 2017 – We are getting Married! 

18813869_1686399251387439_2179318344109338012_nIt had been raining all week and finally, on our special day, we finally had beautiful summer sunny weather. Although our wedding was small and uniquely geeky, it still took a year of preparation to make our dream come true.

We are already approaching the end of July and we are just now mailing the thank you cards. I know it’s late, but through the health concerns, the move and waiting for our professional pictures to arrive, we are just now able to concentrate on this task.

June 2017 – RAI Treatment / Renovations / Moving Day / School Ends

June was a very busy month, filled with big transitional moments. I underwent RAI treatment for Hyperthyroidism. This means a full week of complete quarantine and another week of avoiding any situation where there could be pregnant women around since I was still radioactive.

My brand new husband was busy all day at work and all nights and weekend preparing the new house for our arrival. It was very demanding on him physically. I was at home with the kids, packing all our things and helping with final exams.

My kid was graduating from 6th grade and was very nervous about the entire situation. I am so grateful for my eldest stepkid who started high school last year and took the time to reassure her new step-sister.

July 2016 – Is it over yet? 

Our family has been in transition for a few months now and we can all feel the exhaustion from it all. We are looking forward to finishing unpacking and relaxing a bit. I fear that by the time it quiets down, it will be time to get the kids ready for a new school year.

Change is good, but the road is a challenging one.


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