Memories of Nice, France

automobile-1845650_1920The first taxi driver at the beginning of the line waiting for tourist to arrive from the port was incredibly rude and condescending to us. Not a great first impression.

I reacted immediately to his words and his tone. Without thinking, I dismissed his services and hired another taxi driver. I literally shouted in French: “We need a taxi driver that has manners. Anyone interested?” The rude taxi driver did not appreciate it when I treated him the same way he was treating us and tried to tell me I didn’t have the right to dismiss his services. He didn’t win his argument. I am the paying customer and I will not silently accept disrespect.

It’s only once everything was settled to my liking did I remembered that I wasn’t the one in charge of our group nor the one who was paying for the trip. Luckily no one took offence and instead everyone pokes fun at me and told me to keep leading the way since I made it look easy bossing everyone around.

The next taxi driver was amazingly friendly and funny. We had a great time driving to our destination with him at the helm.

fragonard-1007423_1920We took a free tour of the Fragonard facilities. It’s an excellent place to visit to see how perfumes and other cosmetics are made. All of their product is made with a natural product. I highly recommend taking the tour if you are ever in the area.


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