Pink Tax

baby-2047595_1920The pink tax refers to the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services for no other reason than gender and this is from the moment they are born.

Yep, there’s even a surcharge on baby clothing that destined to little girls. This is why my child was dressed in unisex clothing. Gender shouldn’t be taxable.

CBC reports that women pay up to 43% more than men for care products. This includes hair care, deodorant, razors, shaving, soap, etc.

Old Navy got busted last year for charging more for women’s plus sized clothing but not for men’s.

Dry cleaners are another place women will pay more for the same service. Men’s shirts cost an average of $2.75 to be cleaned and women’s cost $3.75.

born-a-girlSome men are against standing up to the pink tax as they say that companies will simply hike the price of items sold to men, instead of lowering the price of items sold to women.

Some people say that women should simply not buy products marketed to them and purchase items destined for men. In some case, it makes sense. I personally purchase the same razors have my husband, but I have still not found a man bra that can fit my needs. The best way to avoid this is to simply buy the men’s version of certain products, especially when the only difference between the products is packaging, but unfortunately, that doesn’t cover everything.

I have also been told, don’t buy pink. I hate pink. I never buy anything that is pink. It’s important to understand that the price hike is not only on objects that are pink, it’s on items marketed to women regardless of the colour.

That’s discrimination and can’t just be ignored.

  • Australian cafe charges man tax to make a point about inequality.

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