Review: The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch is a British fantasy television series aimed towards families about a group of young witches at a witchcraft boarding school. The series is based on books by Jill Murphy.

If you have children or enjoy family movies and television, I personally recommend this series, which can be found on Netflix.

The stories follow a young girl, Mildred Hubble, trying to scrape through her magical education while feeling like she doesn’t truly belong. Mildred doesn’t come from a family of witches like all the other student, which means that she is starting her education at a disadvantage.

The story addresses being immersed in an unfamiliar world, how to deal with intimidating surroundings, how constantly comparing yourself to others can only fuel your insecurities, how making mistakes and failing is part of the learning process, etc.

The series is subtly feminist. The adult cast is made up almost entirely of older women which are a rarity in the entertainment industry this day and students are all girls. The story is full of brilliant women, student and teacher alike.


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