Gender Neutral Career Paths

Conformity to social expectations, gender stereotypes, gender roles and lack of role models continue to channel girls’ career choices away from technology and sciences. We need gender neutral career paths.

It’s important to break down taboos, break down stereotypes so that girls and boys make career choices that resemble them even it’s choices are not conventional.

Fixing this issue¬†entails promoting gender-neutral flexible career paths and actively encouraging all employees to take advantage of these opportunities. If girls are empowered as much as boys to learn and pursue careers in technology and science, there wouldn’t be any gender discrepancies.

Just finding an image for this blog that could represent careers without being gender specific was difficult.

“We must open the doors and we must see to it they remain open, so that others can pass through.” – Rosemary Brown, first black woman in Canada to become a member of a provincial legislature and the first owman to run for leadership of a federal political party.


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