It’s okay to disagree

I have personally noticed that many people who disagree with another person online, whether it’s a blog, a post, a comment, love to tell the person to shut up or/and to put them down as human beings, but why? It’s okay to disagree

Why is it that the mere existence of a different opinion makes some people so uncomfortable? Why has it become the accepted norm that the instant we disagree with something we go on the attack?

What’s great about the Internet is that no one is forced to read a single word anyone writes. You have full control over what you read and what you write. If you don’t like someone’s opinions or way of thinking, you can just move on.

It’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to debate. It’s not okay to silence, intimidate or attack someone because they think differently on a subject than you.

When discussing online, let’s remember that there’s a real person with feelings and that words do have a very real effect on people who read them. You can disagree with someone without threats or put downs. Let’s strive to act like responsible adults.


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