Addiction is not a choice

Addiction is a sickness not something anyone chooses.

cards-1030852_1920The same way I did not choose to have Graves’ disease or hyperthyroidism, or thyroid cancer, or depression, or anxiety disorder, people struggling with addiction didn’t choose to become addicted. No one chooses to be ill, no one chooses to face a struggle that changes you forever, that makes every day a difficult struggle.

To blame people for something that destroys lives and robs them of dignity, and love is unforgivable. It may be easier or more comforting to believe that these people had a choice and that you would never make the same choices, that it would never happen to you. Well, guess what. Addition/Illnesses can happen to everyone at any time.

What if you suspended your judgment and considered the human being behind the illness. What if we cared about people and their well-being. What if we lived in a society that was a based a little less on capitalism and a little more on compassion and understanding.


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