Class action suit against Bell

A class action suit was authorised on July 10, 2017, against Bell, in Quebec, Canada. The company would apparently have increased its rates for television, the Internet and phone services (more than once) without clearly notifying its customers beforehand. Bell opted for rather discreet mentions in the monthly invoices, usually buried on pages 3 or 4, instead of sending to its customers a separate document that clearly informed them of the changes.

The class action suit is managed by the firm Savonitto & Associates Inc. on behalf of Quebec subscribers whose monthly pricing has been unilaterally modified by Bell since November 27, 2012. The purpose of the class action suit is to reimburse the targeted customers for amounts charged since 2012 and to obtain punitive damages of $100 per customer.

Bell does acknowledge that it has unilaterally modified its rates but submits that in the case of contracts with indefinite duration and cancellable at any time, a simple notice incorporated in the invoice of the customer is required.

The class action suit includes all individuals (not businesses) whose monthly pricing for the Fibe, Home Phone, the Internet, Post-Paid Mobile telephony and Satellite services unilaterally modified by Bell ExpressVu, Bell Canada or Bell Mobility and who have been notified only in a monthly invoice at any time since November 27, 2012. If you are part of this group and you live in Quebec, you are automatically included in the appeal.


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