Lucy Stone – Activist

I’ve always been fascinated by history, by what came before me and how our society and the human race developed. One thing that always annoyed me is that history classes are filled with important dates and men who changed history. There is only a very small minority of women discussed in class. Women’s history has been basically excluded from the classroom text books in elementary and high schools. This is why I chose to speak about this woman who influenced the course of history.

african-american-1386235_1920Lucy Stone was born in 1818. She was a public speaker at a time when women were discouraged from speaking publicly. Women were supposed to be seen, not heard.

She was an activist for women’s right and lectured against slavery for the Anti-Slave Society.

She stood up against her own father who believed that men should be dominant over women. She participated in equal pay strikes, something that has gotten better, but we are still fighting to achieve. She also fought for women’s right to divorce.

Lucy’s decision to retain her maiden name after marriage was a sign of her advanced thinking for the age she lived in. Where I live, all women retain their maiden name after marriage. I got married earlier this year and I wouldn’t have seen myself changing my family name to take his or vice versa.

She continued to be active in the cause of slavery and women’s right until she passed away in 1893.



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