Divorced and Dating – Double Standard

Divorced and Dating – Double Standard

I was reading an article about a famous actress who is currently dating a younger man after multiple failed marriages and says she’s not interested in getting married right now, just enjoying the dating world. Men do this everyday and no one blinks an eye, but when a women show a healthy sex life and people judge her negatively.

I’ve singled out two comments that pretty much covered what everyone who was against “her wanton behaviour”.

“Don’t misunderstand, I think she is beautiful, but she has been with a lot of men . I think these men think she is easy and that’s why her relationships don’t last. Who wants a relationship with someone that will leave with the next man that comes along? She is way too beautiful to let herself be used that way.” – Retired White Male, American

relationship-2005175_1920First of all, if you take a few minutes to do some research, her divorces are pretty well documented, as many other celebrities. Her marriages all ended because of things that were out of her control, such as not seeing a money grabbing opportunist or because the public eye and the lost of privacy that comes with her wealth and fame was simply too much to handle. It’s unfair to assume that she can’t “keep” a man, because she has had several lovers and honestly, if someone had left her for that reason, then she’s much better off. It’s also unfair to assume that because she’s a strong, independent woman with her own wealth and fame, that she’s the reason the relationships fail. There is a tendency in the media and in society to blame the wife for whatever woes cause the marriage to end.

“Yeah she has been with a lot of men and that gives her the label as a ho. Sure she is pretty but that don’t mean she has to act like a ho. She don’t seem like a bad person but she needs to respect herself more than being an easy lay for Hollywood.” – White Male, American, currently dating a younger woman and has a child.

people-1873181_1920Maybe it really doesn’t matter, if “she’s been with a lot of men.” Her choices, her life, her decisions. If a man has dated a lot of women in his lifetime, it’s just viewed as him “not wanting to be tied down”, but because she’s a woman, it’s judge negatively. That is completely unfair and a prime example of discrimination.

Women getting divorces. Women enjoying dating. What’s so strange about it? Why is everyone hating so much? I truly don’t get the double standard here.


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