Speak Up

As women, we are often told we shouldn’t shout, interrupt or take up too much space with our feelings and ideas. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay quiet, not to rock the boat. You may think that staying silent keeps you from being involved in any conflict, but it’s quite the opposite. If you do not speak up when you disagree, your silence will be interpreted as approval. So speak up.

Everyone needs to pipe up and offer our two cents. You have no idea what effect you could potentially have your words can have amazing effects on others, even if it’s only one person. YOu can make a difference and you can absolutely reach people.

People aren’t used to women actually speaking up for themselves, so when you do it, others are really surprised.

Some are so surprised that they come out and call you a bitch, don’t let them get to you. Keep being assertive. Demonstrate that you are invested. You should be damn proud of it.

You may feel alone sometimes, but the odds are you are not alone in your thinking. By speaking your mind you encourage them to voice their opinions as well.


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