It’s time to pay attention

The extreme right-wing groups that are becoming increasingly noisy in Quebec and everywhere else in the country are not about to disappear. On the contrary, the odds are that they will only become more visible and grow in numbers.  The sudden rise in migrants is giving the extreme right the opportunity to make their speech resonate. 

These extreme right-wing groups are using the sudden rise in asylum seekers in recent days to make their speech resonate. In the international context of migratory crises, immigrants are perfect targets. 

“Hatred pretends to be bold when in reality it’s actually terrified.” – Shaun King

The violence that occurred during the demonstration of the extreme right-wing groups in Charlottesville can encourage and empower these groups in other regions. Unfortunately, the advent of social networks and the geographical proximity between Canada and the United States favours exchanges and support between these groups.

Measures could be adopted by the government to frame hate speech. Unfortunately, the government do not want to appear as infringing the right of speech, not understanding that the privilege of speaking up as it limits when it endangers the lives of a targeted group. The government and authorities have a responsibility to ensure that hate speech and extreme right-wing discourse do not become the norm.

As for the rest of us, we must demonstrate the importance of being united against fear and hatred. Let’s make sure we don’t repeat the mistakes and horrors of the past.

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