When Misogyny equals Hate Crimes

When Misogyny equals Hate Crimes. We need to be paying more attention to organized misogynistic organizations that promote hate crimes against women and treat them with as much severity as terrorists.

These misogynistic groups are peopled with hundreds of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to promoting hate and crime against women. They are almost all thick with misogynistic attacks that can be astounding for the guttural hatred they express.

The problem is very real and growing. Canada statistic on domestic violence is alarming. On average, every 6 days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner.

THE ALT-RIGHT (alternative right)

They are the new white straight male supremacy movement, a facist, nationalist group, (KKK, anyone?). They are an extremist organisation. They strongly believe that Caucasians are intellectually and culturally superior.

They promote ethnic cleansing.  They promote hate against Chinese, Homosexuals, Immigrants, Jews, Mexicans, Muslims, Native Americans, Women etc. They use the imaginary surge of white genocide, depletion of purity and the demise of a glorious Western world.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

They advocate for a return to “traditional values”. They are anti-choice. They believe a woman’s place is in the home. They were behind the #BoycottStarWarsVII racist and sexist campaign that protested having a black actor and a female actor in lead roles. They were also instrumental in the online harassment campaign against women in the electronic gaming world known as Gamergate.

They reject egalitarianism, democracy, universalism and multiculturalism.

They recruit men on misogynistic blogs and attempt to radicalise them.

They also post names, photos, social media accounts, location and other personal information of people they judge to be a threat. Another excellent example from the white supremacist playbook. What are all these racist white men so afraid of? See this CBC news article in which the ALT-RIGHT group dox Indigenous activist as threats to their safety. This Métis woman is appalled at the amount of hate being spewed at the First Nations aboriginals for doing the righteous thing of wanting any idol that represents oppression, hate or reminder of what we went through as anything other than our right to end racism in Canada.


Taking its name from the iconic “red pill or blue pill” scene in The Matrix, this community is dedicated to men rights. The blog, which has over 200,000 subscribers, can be categorised under misogynistic propaganda. The site breed hatred and contempt.

The site promotes the idea that:

  • All women are the same: boring, cheats, evil, gold diggers, lazy, stupid
  • Being nice turns women off
  • Feminism is toxic
  • Men have it harder than women
  • No doesn’t mean no.
  • Sexism is fake
  • Women want to be dominated, controlled, manipulated and raped

They believe that women are the enemy and that society as a whole is anti-male.

Many blog discussion immediately falls into inherent sexism, threats of violence and extreme language. This is now, increasingly, a movement of angry young men.

It teaches men how to “manage their bitches”. It states that women deserve to be beaten.

The site and their users refer to women as bitches, clones, harpies, sluts, etc. If a man dares disagree with any of their theories or beliefs, they refer to them as cuck, mangina, etc.

This group generally promote the idea that men accused of sexual assault are often falsely accused and unfairly treated. One of its most influential member states that if called for jury duty on a rape trial, he’d automatically vote not guilty, even if the evidence shows otherwise.

The Alt-right movement recruits men from the Red Pill and attempts to radicalise them.


This group promotes the idea that:

  • Rape Culture doesn’t exist
  • Victim Blaming doesn’t exist
  • Women are responsible for domestic violence

The president of the coalition, Harry Crouch, defended former NFL star Ray Rice for hitting his wife.

“I’m not saying he’s a good guy, but if she hadn’t aggravated him, she wouldn’t have been hit.” – Harry Crouch

The truth is that only 2% of rapes are false. 98% happen. These hate groups act like women are falsely reporting rapes left, right and centre, which has been proven untrue. These same groups are often the first ones to make jokes if a man comes forward with a rape accusation. The reality is too many get away with rape every day. These sites keep pulling stories out of their asses to mask their misogyny and blatant hatred for women. False accusations of lying keep rape victims silent. The overwhelming number of people who step forward are not lying and to treat them all with such suspicion is disgusting. We should be showing a bit of compassion.

Talking about the issues men face should not ignore the issues that women face. The same way talking about issues that women face should not ignore the issues that men face. Under no circumstance should violence or murder be suggested, encouraged or/and defended.

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