Review: Bill Nye Save the World

This is a Netflix original series aimed at adults. Each episode of about 30 minutes, mixes humour with science. I highly recommend this series to everyone young and old, really.

Here are a few of my favourite episode so far:


The first episode talks about global warming. He explains why it’s happening, how it’s happening and where around the world they are already battling the consequences of global warming and how they are dealing with it. He has expert guests that explore each side of the issue.

“We’ve got to address this problem people. It’s not magic, it’s science.” – S1:E1 Earth is a Hot Mess

The key is to get informed, to get involved. You don’t need to be a scientist or work in politics to make a difference. Start by making global warming a politic issue. Make your vote count.

“If you don’t want to vote, would you just shut up and let the rest of us who are interested in our future take care of it.” – S1:E1 Earth is a Hot Mess

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2016 was the warmest year on record for the Earth. Canadian prairies experienced one of the longest and most active storm seasons. Canada has a whole received more precipitation than usual last year and by the feel of it, it hasn’t gone down in 2017.


The second episode talks about alternative medical treatments. Bill Nye explains how medical treatments are tested.

As a chronic, illness sufferer, I loved this episode, because I’ve been told by so many to follow various alternative medical treatment thinking that science is wrong and I can indeed be cured.

“Alternative medical treatments aren’t tested or regulated.” – S1:E2 Tune your “quack-o-meter”

This episode reminds us all to beware of all these alternative treatments that are being pushed around by making you believe that doctors don’t want you to know about it or miracle cures that will work in a very short amount of time or that natural products are better for you in the long run. Most of these are placebos. In the long run, it can actually worsen or kill people who believe in these alternative cures and get off real and tested medical treatment.

“We are creatures of anecdotes. We like hearing stories.” – S1:E2 Tune your “quack-o-meter”

It even gives you a check list to help you recognize when someone is peddling unproven myths or trying to sell you a product. Most adults should already know these, but by experience, most adults prefer listening to false stories that end well than deal with the hard truths.


The fourth episode talks about genetically modified organisms (GMO). It addresses many worries, fears and myths surrounding the use of GMO. A lot of people are a concern with genetically modified organisms because they do not understand how it works. I, myself, didn’t know much about it so it was very interesting to learn something new and enlightening.


The sixth episode is all about vaccination and how they work. I enjoyed watching this episode, especially after having written about this exact subject in the past: Vaccine Facts.

“Vaccines are to germs as seatbelts are to car wrecks. Seatbelt works, they save lives. The science is settled. Vaccinations work. They save lives. That science is settled. Both are for the public good.” – S1:E6 Do Shots, Save the World

The episode talks about the Polio crisis in India and what the illness does to children. It is truly concerning that anyone would willingly put their child at risk of getting this terrible illness.


The seventh episode talks about gaming and how it’s changing lives. There are many benefits to playing video games. It used for training for certain skills and jobs, such as the medical fields.

“Almost 1/2 of all video gamers are girls and women. More than a 1/3 of the gamers are over 35 years old.” S1:E7 Cheat codes for reality


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